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December 8, 1815 Breslau - February 9, 1905 Berlin.

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Austrian School
Future Emperor Charles VI
oil on canvas 72 x 58 cm Date before 1711 cjr
ID: 81301

Austrian School Future Emperor Charles VI
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Austrian School Future Emperor Charles VI

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Austrian School

painted Future Emperor Charles VI in before 1711   Related Paintings of Austrian School :. | a page from on illuminated flemish medieval psalter dating from from c 1470 | Rajaputra soldier | Madonna and Child | Two men contemplating the Moon | Bubender Hl Hieronymus |
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(7 August 1844 - 30 December 1915) was a German painter, the son of Hermann Kauffmann. Kauffmann was born in Hamburg. In 1861 he went to Frankfurt and worked there under Jakob Becker, Edward Jakob von Steinle and Johann Nepomuk Zwerger. From 1863-71 he lived in Kronberg in the Taunus. During this time he spent one winter in Hamburg and a five-month period in Desseldorf too; afterwards he spent 1½ years in Paris, until 1870 when the war drove him out. He lived until 1871 in Munich. He died in Prien at the Chiemsee in 1915.

Adolph Menzel
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